PC 38-1

Application:                         PC 38-1 mainly will be used as an additive to strong alkaline detergents, such as PC 36-Liquid.  PC 38-1 will improve the removal of extremly heavy soils such as removal of carbon tracks on moulds of glass blasting equipment or on strong polluted engine blocs from motor vehicles, trailers or marine vessels.  PC 38-1 only can be applied in soak or immersion cleaning machines.

PC 38-1 do have high penetrating properties to emulsify extremely difficult removable soils.  PC 38-1 only is safe on ferro metals.  After cleaning, the parts should be rinsed off with fresh water, followed by a rust protective rinse, PC 71 or PC 80.


Polyethylene containers of 21 kg.


All information concerning the safety measures regarding our products can be found on the material safety data sheets provided by us.  During manipulation of the product always wear suitable protective clothing, gloves and an eye/face protection. 

Dispensing:   Manual.
Controlling:   Not of application.
Technical information:         Form:        PC 38-1 is a liquid. 
  Specific gr.:

0,84 kg/l.

  pH value:  

pH 1.0 – 25% solution.

  Material tank: 

Steel ‑ stainless steel.

  Flashpoint: 64°C

Polluted wastewater should be treated and be disposed of as hazardous waste.

Ask your technical adviser!

Use instructions: Dispensing: 5% in strong alkaline products.
  Temperature:      ± 60/80°C.
  Cleaning time: Depends on soal load.
  New solution: Always add the product into warm- or cold water.