PC 36-Liquid

Application:                         PC 36-Liquid is an excellent cleaning product to use in, soak or immersion cleaning machines, as well as in ultrasonic cleaning machines.  PC 36-Liquid may be used only on ferro or stainless steel metals.  PC 36-Liquid cleans and derusts in one operation, as well as is an effective paint stripper.  Do not use on aluminium, zinc and other soft metals.

PC 36-Liquid is a highly concentrated alkaline rust, scale and paint stripper, consisting sequestrants and surfactants.  Allways after a cleaning cyclus with PC 36-Liquid, the parts should be rinsed off with fresh water.  Apply a suitable rust preventative, such as PC 71 or PC 80, to prevent flash rusting. This film is effective in inhibiting corrosion for a period of several days. 


Polyethylene containers of 25 kg. or IBC’s of 1.300 kg.


All information concerning the safety measures regarding our products can be found on the material safety data sheets provided by us.  During manipulation of the product always wear suitable protective clothing, gloves and an eye/face protection. 

Dispensing:   Manual, or do use with an electronic conductivity dispensing system.
Controlling:   By titration or use a conductivity instrument, ask your technical adviser.
Technical information:         Form:        PC 36-Liquid is a liquid. 
  Specific gr.:

1,30 kg/l.

  pH value:  

pH 13.0 at 10% solution.

  Material tank: 

Steel ‑ stainless steel.


Readily biodegradable.  Polluted wastewater should be treated and be disposed of as hazardous waste.

Ask your technical adviser!

Use instructions: Dispensing: 10 – 30%, depends on application.
  Temperature:      ± 60/95°C.
  Cleaning time: Depends on soal load.
  New solution: Always add the product into cold water.