MPC 90

Applications:                         MPC 90 is a solvent based metal degreaser. MPC 90 is mainly used in immersion tanks and brush degreasing tables.  MPC 90 is used in maintenance workshops and motor car repair shops. MPC 90 is an excelent cleaner for fuel pumps. 

MPC 90 is a colorless, odorless organic degreaser and 100% evaporation after 1 hour when exposed to air.  If used as recommended, MPC 90 will evaporate without any drying spots.  MPC 90 is safe on all metals.


Steel drums of 22 kg. and 160 kg. or IBC of 965 kg.

Technical data:          Form:       MPC 90 is een liquid. 
  Specific gr.:

0.77 kg/l.



  FDA regulations: 

Nr. 21 CFR 178.3910

Use instructions: Use: As supplied.
  Apply: Apply by brush. 
  Storage: Keep drum closed, storage 0 – 30°C.
  Evaporation: Storage in a well ventilated surrounding, the evaporation rate is depending on the ambient temperature.
Safety instructions:                 

All information concerning the safety measures regarding our products can be found on the material safety data sheets provided by us.  During manipulation of the product always wear suitable protective clothing, gloves and an eye/face protection.