MF 5300

Application:                         MF 5300 is an alkaline membrane cleaning product for cleaning membrane filtration installations made of stainless steel and/or polypropylene, provided with alkaline resistant membranes.  MF 5300 desolves grease, oil, salt and scale.  MF 5300 is mainly used in the metalworking industry. 

MF 5300 is buffered and composed out of organic- and anorganic complexing products, enzymes, surfactants and emulsifiers. MF 5300 should not be reused and only is capable for one cleaning cyclus.


Polyethylene buckets of  25 kg.


All information concerning the safety measures regarding our products can be found on the material safety data sheets provided by us.  During manipulation of the product always wear suitable protective clothing, gloves and an eye/face protection. 

Dispensing:   Manual.
Controlling:   By titration, or use a conductivity instrument, ask your technical adviser.
Technical information:         Form:        MF 5300 is a white granular powder. 
  Specific gr.:

0,9 g/cm3

  pH value:  

pH 8.0/9,5 – 1% solution.

  Material tank: 

Stainless steel – polypropylene.

  Storage life: Max. 1 year!!

COD-value: 350 mg. O2/g product.

Ask your technical adviser!

Use instructions: Cleaning time: Circulation cleaning at 30/60°C. for about 45 till 90 minutes by 1,0 – 2,0%.
  Temperature:      ± 30/45°C.
  Rinse: Allways rinse with fresh water after a cleaning cyclus if required and rinse with MF 0100 afterwards.  Ask your technical adviser. 
  Cleaning time: Depends on soal load, 45 till 90 minutes.
  New solution: Always add the product into warm- or cold water.