FC 9277

Application:                         FC 9277 is specialy developed as an extra additive in cleaning tanks to demulsification of oils and greases.  FC 9277 can be applied in alkaline cleaning solutions as well as in neutral cleaning solutions.  FC 9277 can be applied in new cleaning solutions to improve the demulsification of oil and grease.  FC 9277 also has good antifoam capacities because of the demulsification of the oil and grease.  FC 9277 can be applied in spray- cleaning installations as well as in soak or immersion cleaning machines.

FC 9277 is a neutral product.


Polyethylene containers of 5 kg., 30 kg. and 200 kg.


All information concerning the safety measures regarding our products can be found on the material safety data sheets provided by us.  During manipulation of the product always wear suitable protective clothing, gloves and an eye/face protection. 

Dispensing:   Manual, FC 9277 must be dispensed by continuous agitation of the cleaning solution.  After a certain period of time, emulsified oils and greases will separate and move to the surface of the cleaning solution.  In this stage the free oil and grease can be removed with an oil skimmer installation.
Controlling:   By titration or with a conductivity instrument. (Ask your technical adviser).
Technical information:         Form:        FC 9277 is a liquid. 
  Specific gr.:

1,10 kg/l.

  pH value:  

pH 7.0 – 100% solution.

  Material tank: 

Steel ‑ stainless steel.

  Special notes:

The results of FC 9277 is in large mostly influenced by the cleaning product and surface structure of the cleaning solution.  In some cases results may differ from it’s specifications!

Use instructions: Dispensing: 0,1 – 0,5.  Depends on application.
  Temperature:      ± 45/80°C.
  Cleaning time: 5 – 300 min.  Depends on soal load.